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Language Therapy For Children

Autism & Social Language Therapy and Children

Autism and Social Language

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a lifelong developmental disorder.  Children on this very wide and varied spectrum may have severe intellectual and communication differences while others have milder challenges with learning and socializing.  Regardless of severity, all individuals with autism face some degree of challenge with day-to-day communication and social awareness.  While SLPs cannot provide a diagnosis of autism, we assist families in identifying warning signs and help them with appropriate referrals for diagnostic assessment with a qualified doctor or child psychologist.  Early diagnosis and intervention can positively enhance children’s lives and educate and empower families. Our SLPs focus on helping children make pleasurable and meaningful connections with others and regulate their behavior to allow for learning and growth.  Even prior to a formal diagnosis, our SLPs begin working on developing connections and social interaction through techniques that honour each child’s unique interests and way of looking at the world.

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