Speech Therapy For Adults | The Speech People
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Therapy for Adults

Adult Speech Therapy

It is never too late to change the way we speak. Strong speaking skills can powerfully contribute to confidence and success. Avoiding words or speaking situations because of worrisome sounds or fears of not being clearly understood limits self-assurance as well as professional and social growth. The Speech People supports adults in working on speech, stuttering, voice and accent modification in order to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently.

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Speech Therapy For Adults

For adults, we offer services for speech, stuttering/stammering, voice, tongue-thrust, and accent modification.

Speech Therapy for Adults

Articulation is the process of producing speech sounds. It involves coordinated movement of the vocal cords, jaw, lips and tongue.

Stuttering/Stammering Therapy for Adults

Adults with a stutter have difficulty producing smooth speech and as a result can have difficulty effectively expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Voice Therapy for Adults

The voice is produced through a complicated interaction of breathing, sound production by the voicebox/larynx and resonance in the mouth and nose.

Accent Modification for Adults

It is common that the pronunciation patterns of our first language affect the pronunciation of subsequent languages that we learn. This is an accent.

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