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Speech Therapy For Children

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy for Children

The voice is produced through a complex interaction of breathing, sound production by the voicebox/larynx and resonance in the mouth and nose.  A child with a voice disorder may sound hoarse or raspy, be excessively loud, or may frequently lose their voice.  These symptoms, if chronic, are not normal and should not be a child’s ‘natural’ voice.  While most childhood voice disorders are caused by vocal abuse (such as frequent yelling, shouting, chronic throat clearing) some may be due to neurological or structural irregularities.  The Speech People requires a diagnosis and referral from an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor/otolaryngologist before we begin voice therapy.  Depending on the diagnosis, our SLPs will work to help children identify and reduce behaviours that are harmful to the vocal cords and learn to produce their voices in a healthy way.


A quiet voice can be a symptom of aging and several neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disorder. LSVT Loud is a program especially designed to increase vocal volume through recalibration of the mind. Some other benefits of this treatment include improved articulation, intonation, facial expression, and neural functioning related to voice and speech.

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